organic farming SINCE 2004

Our Farm located 45 mins south of Darwin in Berry Springs where we produce our Tropical Delights.
Organic farming is very rewarding with the produce being chemical free and very tasty. There is the natural eco-system with the good bugs eating the bad bugs, the grass is mowed under the trees to mulch and add more nutrients and we only use certified inputs which also supports our natural eco-system.

Dried and frozen Mango will also be produced within the packing shed area - there is a big market for these products especially in the off-season.

Willing Workers On Organic Farms.....Wwoofers contribute a lot to our Farm!!! 
We Learn alot from the wonderful travellers that come to our county and stay with us on our farms.

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Top End

Our products are all home made using the fruits of the Farm and other local fruits. We make Icecream, Sorbet and Dried Mango.

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Top earth excavation

Here have to go a short description of Top Earth Excavation

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