Organic produce

Our  farm produces delicious Kensington Pride Mangoes (Bowen Mango), Rambutans, lemons/limes and Pomello.  All our fruit except rambutans are certified organic with NASAA (The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia). With the help from wwoofers and local workers we send our produce to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. The Mango season starts around October and ends around late November... sometimes earlier and sometimes later.  Also during and after the season we have to process the mangoes that don't get sent to Market.  The process is to cheek the mango and then freeze the cheeks and cut the cheeks for drying which is a long process.

Lemons and Limes are picked December through to March and also sent to market and processed for there juice to make sorbets etc.

Rambutans are around the same time as the Lemons/Limes and usually sold locally these days.

The Farm was originally created by Wayne's parents Noel and Betty some 30 years ago ... they travelled up from there home town of Innisfail QLD and settled down in Darwin just after cyclone Tracy.